Marmara University Engineering Faculty (MUEF) started instruction in the education year of 1990-1991. There were computer engineering, environmental engineering and industrial engineering branches. Then, in 1997 mechanical engineering department, in 2000 material and metallurgical engineering department, in 2002 chemical engineering department, in 2010 bioengineering and electric and electronics engineering departments started instruction. 






    Quality is always more important than quantity. Total Quality Management techniques were used since 1995. Engineering faculty applied to European Quality Award in 1999. Our faculty is the first school who applied to European Quality Award. Our work is a pioneer and a model in European educational system. Students are seen as customers who need to be satisfied. We use the techniques of open-door policy, continuous meetings with students about their problems and suggestions, course evaluation questionnaires at the end of each term, suggestion boxes, open announcement boards. We collect suggestions from the students and they are part of the problem solving circles. 

tarihce_resim2   Our students are very active in this process. Our faculty is a unique example for the engineering and technology education of our country. We are proud of raising well educated engineers. Our graduates find decent jobs. We meet the need of the well educated work force of the field. We are in continuous communication with the industrialists. We are always open to contributions of the industrialists related to our course content. It is a privilege to be part of Marmara University and engineering faculty and we are proud of it. We aim to raise successful engineers who can work all around the world and to contribute the prosperity of the society. 

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