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Engineering is a profession which contains the design, production, development and care of industrial structures, machines, equipment and other systems in our daily lives. An engineer is educated to utilize in the most appropriate and economical way the current resources and equipment by means of the experience, knowledge and practice s/he gained by math, science and engineering sciences. Engineering is not to repeat the existing, it is to develop a new solution or a product. Therefore, students learn by thinking and questioning. Marmara University Engineering graduates are graduated by learning how to think, they use interdisciplinary approaches, also they consider technical, social and economic dimensions of problems. They achieve this by the courses they take, by the term-papers, home-works and projects. They actively interpret, process and evaluate information and come up with their own unique synthesis. Our aim is to help them understand the fact that they need to give their best to the society. The language of instruction is in English. Research and application are important methods. The engineering faculty consists of the following branches:

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